Shri Amarshibhai Prajapati, a young individual in the year 1950 was a worker in a ceramic industry at Morbi. He had entrepreneurial zeal and was longing to do a business. He got an idea to produce roof tiles which were in great demand in those times. He kept working, but during his off hours, along with his family, he started backyard production of such tiles. He went through all the hardships of an entrepreneur but never said no to work and as time shows, success is all around him.

For Him, Growth is permanent

He built a very strong Roof tile manufacturing unit, one of the biggest in the area, that promotes the brand CHAKRA.

As an entrepreneur is born and always goes on and on, he diversified into wall tiles in the year 1991. Now much more resourceful then ever, he started to manufacture Wall tile with the best technology available then. The ARGIL brand of tiles today are respected for its design, and lasting quality.

The result was obvious as at ARGIL we believe, Growth is permanent As history has shown us, his second generation is equally blessed with the enterprising zeal. They grew the ARGIL brand to its highest peak where it stands now. It is the best-known product to the customer, employer to the staff and a reliable partner to their associates.

“Great Entrepreneurs never stop diversifying”

Our Team has a common understanding that Growth is Permanent. Well now this permanent growth has just come to become stylish. The company has tied up with Spanish technology partner to supply the best technology to manufacture Spanish Floor tiles. These tiles are truly revolutionary. They have style, Strength and hardness that has never been experienced by the Indian Subcontinent. They company is bound to grow leaps and bounds with this range of its product.

Now for us Stylish Growth is permanent.

The Chairman’s Commitment :
We at ARGIL Roof & Floor tiles will provide our customer and channel Partners, the same satisfaction and delight that we have been providing in our Wall tiles range. We wish that all of us grow together because,

The main founder person Shri Amarshibhai Motibhai is an entrepreneur who did not inherit anything in terms of wealth or facility. He started as a helping hand to his father and then shifted to Morbi (India) and started working as a worker in Parshuram Pottery Works Ltd. In 1951 at the age of 25, he started his first unit namely Shri Prajapat Tiles Company to manufacture clay roofing tiles. The unit is still in existence manufacturing “CHAKRA” brand roofing tiles, a very established name in the market. Initial labour, hard work and insight of Shri Amarshi Motibhai made it possible to establish a firm footing in Roofing Tiles, Ridges, and Decorative Tiles etc. After firmly mastering the manufacturing of roofing tiles he gradually established various units.Morbi town and its roundabout area has become ‘CERAMICS ZONE’ due to the insight of this great visionary.